Why outsourcing?

If quality is ensured, outsourcing enables you to cut your current cost of production, helps you optimize your resources and simply makes you a larger profit margin.


Usually, we pay one-way (the back way) carriage when more than 20 cases are included in one package, otherwise you will have to pay for the carriage both ways. But we do appreciate that new clients need to warm up with increasing works. So we also offer individual solutions; please contact us for your individual solution. Please be aware sometimes parcels will delay by checking with Chinese Customs, happening problems with the flight or terribly weather. But we will rush them the first time when we get it.

Turnaround Time

We only use prestigious couriers such as UPS or Fedex and DHL to ensure delivery time.
It usually takes 3 days to send cases from most European countries or the US to us. Received cases are generally finished within 4 in-lab days. The back way would take 2-3 days depending where you are. So we usually require 10 days as our turnaround time.
Please be aware that all shipments are subject to routine customs inspections that may occasionally cause delays.


Before three months of cooperation we need you pay us per package.(Before we send the second package you need to make full payment for the first package); or we take some down-payment in advanced for the first three months. After three months we could give you monthly payment. But we need you pay us on time. Only with mutual understanding and trusting, we can cooperate more eaily and happily.

Trouble cases & Remakes

We have been dealing with complex trouble cases since we initially started working in the industry. We are all experts in dealing with them. Just please keep close communication with us by MSN, Skype, phone, even email; we’ll handle them fine and quickly.

In most situations we will repair the case free of charge . However;There may be additional charges in the following circumstances;
1.  If the original dental restoration in not returned to us.
2.  If the case is re-prepped and a new impression is sent.
3.  If the shade is different from the original order.
4.  If the restoration materials are different from the original order.
5.  If we asked for a new impression and you asked us to proceed without one.
6.  If we advised  you  that  we  could  not  guarantee  the  quality of this order and you asked us to proceed anyway.
7.  If we requested a try-in and you asked us tofinish directly.
8.  If we received no study model for anterior for anterior cases and/or no specific directions.

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